AquaClean, Microbiocidal Additive for water soluble

Microbiocidal additive for water-soluble heating bath fluids. Inhibits growth of bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi, and precipitation of inorganic salts.

The beginning of contamination is indicated by the decolorization of the blue liquid. Active ingredients are non-volatile. Designed for use in containers made from stainless steel or glass.


  • Add 5ml AquaClean to 1 liter of heating bath fluid.
  • Renew fluid and additive every 4 weeks. In case the blue color of the fluid has faded, renew earlier.
  • Compatible for use as an additive in water reservoirs inside cell culture incubators. (Its non-volatile active ingredients cannot invade cell cultures via air).

The AquaClean is a microbicide additive for stainless steel thermostatic baths. It prevents the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi and also the precipitation of inorganic salts.


– Microbicide water-soluble additive.
– It inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, fungi, and inorganic precipitations.
– AquaClean is blue in color and bacterial contamination is indicated by the discoloration of the fluid.
– They do not contain aldehydes and acids.
– Its active ingredients are not volatile.
– This additive does not invade the cell cultures through the air.

Application in th ermostatic baths:

– Add 5 ml of AquaClean to 1-liter thermostatic fluid bath.
– Renew fluid and additive every 4 weeks.
– If the blue color fades replace fluid as soon as possible.
– This product supports the accumulated water additives within the cell culture incubator.

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