J. Christopher Giffin joins Protein Pathways as Vice President of Business Development.
We have selected disease pathways projects in the areas of rheumatology, oncology, and endocrinology, and have identified optimized target candidates for validation. We are actively developing intellectual property around several targets.
Protein Pathways benchmarks proteomics data produced using various methods against our ProNexus technology. We have found that ProNexus produces a vastly larger number of interactions than two hybrid or mass spectrometry proteomics platforms, with comparable or higher accuracy. Our analysis indicates that we have the tool sets and capacity to predict and assemble the entire human protein interaction map.
Protein Pathways develops extended capabilities in both producing and evaluating DNA microarray expression data. By collaborating with UCLA, Protein Pathways gains access to their academic datasets, and the ability to perform our own proprietary experiments. We are currently meeting with several chip vendors to form an alliance that allows us to access the most appropriate chip technology to support our experimental validation and drug discovery platforms.
Protein Pathways moves to a new facility in Woodland Hills, CA. The facility has 7,200 square feet of combined office and laboratory space. Here we have expanded our bioinformatic infrastructure and space dedicated for computational biology. We have also created a wet-bench lab facility capable of supporting state-of-the-art experimental platforms for validating disease pathways and isolation of drug candidates.
Final quarter of 2001 Protein Pathways sold 5 licenses for their DIP Database.
Dr. William Boyle joins Protein Pathways as Vice President of Biology, to lead experimental research efforts.
SBIR Phase II grant awarded to continue the development of bioinformatics tools to identify anti-microbial drugs.
Dr. Larry Souza appointed as Chairman of the Board and Founder, with responsibility for scientific and business development.
SBIR grant awarded for Tuberculosis work.
Alliance with UroGenesys announced.
Westwood offices opened.