Protein Pathways, Inc. (“the Company”) is an emerging leader in utilizing computational methods to direct and optimize pathway-based therapeutic drug development. Our proprietary computational technology, ProNexus, has enabled us to establish a strategic position in the industry-wide effort to construct a complete human protein interaction map. This human protein interaction map will facilitate the compilation of complete intracellular pathways and the identification of new drug targets. We intend to validate these drug targets experimentally, and this capability will be a key step in the transition of the Company to a stand-alone drug discovery provider.

Our approach is unique because ProNexus utilizes and analyzes protein interactions from many sources: fully sequenced genomes, expression microarrays, literature abstracts, and proteomic measurements. All of this information is then synthesized using proprietary statistical algorithms to determine intracellular pathways and regulatory networks and ultimately yield optimized drug targets. Our process is more comprehensive and accurate than the more costly and less informative alternative approaches currently used to predict protein interactions.

By integrating drug databases with our ProNexus technology we have developed the Rational Environment for Drug Design (REDD) platform. REDD gives us critically important information on potential drug efficacy and toxicity, before the costly stage of preclinical trials. REDD permits a revolutionary advance in prioritizing new drugs and drug targets that will maximize therapeutic impact and reduce toxic side effects. REDD gives Protein Pathways a key competitive advantage.

The Company is developing a portfolio of disease pathways in areas that include inflammation, cancer, and osteoporosis. ProNexus has significantly extended our knowledge of these pathways, beyond what is currently known in the literature. The Company leverages this understanding to develop intellectual property around novel targets and small molecule or antibody inhibitors that are potential drugs. With ProNexus technology at its core, Protein Pathways has created an infrastructure for drug development that relies on a defined network of interactions of human proteins, which in turn enables the identification and characterization of superior drug targets and drugs.