Protein Pathways’ proprietary system

While most comparative genomics analyses are based almost exclusively on similarity searches that infer only limited aspects of biological function, Microbial ProNexus Discovery System can predict gene function, place newly discovered genes in existing pathways and elucidate interactions between pathways.

By using Microbial ProNexus it is possible not only to predict the biological classification of a gene product, but to also gain insight into its interacting proteins, the nature and identification of probable substrates, and the biological context of the associated pathway.

The cornerstone of the Protein Pathways product family is the Microbial ProNexus™ discovery system which enables users to:

Discover novel or known proteins that are functionally linked to proteins of interest.

Predict putative functions for ORFs suggesting new experimental directions.

Assign ORFs to miss components of biochemical pathways.

Elucidate a global view of protein networks defining interactions between two or more related pathways.