Plasmid-50 mini Plasmid DNA extraction kit


The E.Z.N.A. Plasmid DNA Mini Kit I is designed to isolate up to 25 µg of high-quality plasmid DNA from 1 to 5 ml bacterial cultures in less than 30 minutes. Plasmid DNA purification follows the alkaline lysis method and is simplified with HiBind Mini Column technology in three quick steps: binding, washing and eluting. The purified plasmid DNA is immediately ready for a wide variety of downstream applications, such as routine screening, restriction enzyme digestion, transformation, PCR, and DNA sequencing.

The E.Z.N.A. Plasmid DNA Mini Kit is available in two formats: Q-spin (D6942) and V-spin (D6943). D6942 (Q-spin) features columns that do not have a cap, while D6943 (V-spin) includes columns that have an attached cap. Otherwise, the columns are identical in use and application and can be used in both vacuum and centrifugation protocols.

Fast: plasmid DNA purification in less than 30 minutes
Safe: no phenol / chloroform extractions
Versatile: spin and vacuum formats available
High quality – DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications


For research use only. It should not be used in diagnostic procedures.

Features Specifications

1. Subsequent application:

Cloning, sequencing, transformation, PCR, restriction digestion, ligation, in vitro transcription, etc.

2. Starting material: 1-5 mL of LB culture

3. Plasmid type: High copy and low copy cosmid DNA

4. Processing mode: Manual (centrifugation or vacuum)

5. Performance: 1-24

6. DNA binding technology: Silica Mini Spin Column

7. Lysate purification method: Centrifugation

8. Processing time: <30 minutes

9. Yield:

15-25 µg for high copy number; 0.1-5 µg for low copy number

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