Anigen Rapid Rabies Ag Test Kit

Anigen Rapid Rabies Ag Test Kit is a chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of rabies virus antigen in fresh brain tissue of canine, bovine or raccoon dog.

Anigen Rapid Rabies Ag Test Kit has two letters which are test(T) line and control(C) line on the surface of device. Test line and control line in the result window are not visible before applying any samples.

The control line is a reference line which indicates the test is performing properly. The control line has to appear every time when the test has performed. If the rabies virus antigens are present in the sample, a purple test line would appear in the result window.

The highly selective antibodies to rabies virus are used as a capture and detector in the assay. These antibodies are capable of detecting rabies virus antigen with a high accuracy.

Rabies Virus Antibody (Rabies Ab) Rapid Test Kit

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